Executive Director

Evansville, Indiana, United States


Name of Organization: Wesselman Woods/ Wesselman Nature Society (WNS)

Title of Position: Executive Director

Reports to: Chairman of the WNS Board

Wesselman Woods is the largest stand of old growth forest in the state of Indiana, and the largest virgin forest within a city limits anywhere in the United States. This idyllic preserve features an interpretive center that houses animal observation areas, interactive exhibits, nature classrooms, as well as enclosures for a collection of raptors and other animals who are unable to survive in the wild. Wesselman Woods Nature Society, a 501C3 organization charged with the protection and preservation of the forest and management of the interpretive center, also oversees the nation’s largest Nature Playscape, the offsite Howell Wetlands area, and a regionally-focused canoeing program.

The organization’s mission is to connect people with nature, motivating them to lead lives and take actions that protect wildlife and wild places. Education programs and outdoor recreation activities are designed to awaken the senses and enrich the lives of visitors. Those who walk these trails make discoveries while connecting with themselves and their natural surroundings.

Position Summary
The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of WNS and is responsible for strategic thinking and implementation, ensuring all activities are aligned with the mission, leadership, fundraising, staffing, supervision and administration. The executive director will be responsible to the WNS Board of Directors and will partner with the board in providing overall leadership for the organization. The Executive Director has authority to lead and govern the overall operations of the nature center and accompanying properties to achieve its mission and strategic goals.


Position Responsibilities:

1. Inspire and Build the Team:

2. Take Strategic Action:

3. Engage and Partner with the Board:

4. Steward the Finances and Compliance:

5. Resource A Sustaining Movement:

6. Communicate the Mission and Lead by Example:

7. Environmental and Maintenance:

Minimum Qualifications:

Candidates for the position must be able to demonstrate:

Conditions of employment:


Wesselman Nature Society is an equal opportunity employer
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